poniedziałek, 1 marca 2010

Zasadność istnienia oddychającego tłumacza

Nie z nudów bynajmniej. Krzyczą, żebym tłumaczyła. Proszem, niech bije po oczach:

People should be selected, but not with each other to unload. I know that there are from different planets. Aliens, ufosze, one of another.
Decisions! And no, that hurts. How puzzelek does not fit does not hit for power ... Complement, and not too big kolebotać the shoe, or to be oppressed in the Achilles tendon.
The differences in strength, not complexes. Strength, power, syphilis, grave.
People do not mind? Strength of will, freedom of choice in the package do not have? Are afraid of loneliness? Do not know how to fight? Canalize? Energy, kurna otherwise processed?
Or maybe you were hiding? Living in fear! Kish to blossom, survives? Well, nice flowers.

Płakałam wczoraj. Komentarze pączkują, dzielą się, ćwiartują.

3 komentarze:

  1. nice flowers, bije po oczach aż rzęsy bolą

  2. hi Moni :) I don`t know there are english words but its not english attitude of mind... I think... it is polish...p.s you wanted some words of criticism...

  3. hey you and thank you!
    btw I was planning to start learning Japanese but don't want my eyes to turn slanting;)